The Amur Tiger: a beauty in decline

Wed 12th August

The Amur tiger, or otherwise known as the Siberian tiger, are the largest cats we have on our planet today. So, if you think a male African lion is big… you haven’t seen anything yet!

In the wild, Amur Tigers are usually found in the Russian Far East with a small number ranging across the border into China and possibly North Korea. However, these cats are threatened with extinction, with less than 500 in the wild today.


Human activities such as logging and poaching for the illegal wildlife trade are major contributors to the Amur tiger’s descent towards extinction, and the species is classified as critically endangered. Deforestation for gas and oil pipelines, new roads, new railways and mining has brought tigers and humans into closer proximity than ever before. This human encroachment on the Amur tiger’s natural habitat has increased human-wildlife conflict and exposed tigers to other dangers such as disease


Good zoos and wildlife parks who house tigers are helping wild tiger conservation by raising awareness of the impacts we humans having on their population, and also by donating funds to projects working to protect tigers in their natural habitat. At Paradise Wildlife Park, Aleena and Siberia are the perfect ambassadors for their wild counterparts. Poster girls for their species, our Amur tigers live an enriched, safe and healthy life and are a firm favourite with our visitors. They represent the best of the Amur tiger and we hope that through them, we can educate our visitors about the threats that tigers face every day in the wild.


Aleena and Siberia are two from a litter of triplets. The girls were born at the Big Cat Sanctuary, and Amasia, their other sister, still resides there. Aleena and Siberia moved to Paradise when they were 15 months old.

Although they have grown up together, they are very different characters. Aleena is very confident and sassy. If you do step a toe out of place, you will be the first to know about it! It’s her way or the highway. Aleena is generally the first to investigate new things and enjoys playing and pouncing on Siberia. Aleena loves toys she can throw around her habitat, such as boomer balls.

Siberia is a quieter, more complex character. She is smart and likes to quietly judge everything going on around her. She is a professional stalker and is able to move silently and blend in with her surroundings until she pounces, while Aleena is a lot less subtle! Siberia has her silly moments too and her favourite thing in the world is to shred a cardboard box into a thousand tiny pieces for her keepers to spend ages picking up!


Here at Paradise we love Aleena and Siberia and their amazing quirks and characters. Both tigers are available to adopt if you would like to support our charity Zoological Society of Hertfordshire. Adoptions make amazing gifts! Your support helps us continue to keep all of our animals, including Aleena and Siberia, happy and healthy. Moreover, by supporting Paradise Wildlife Park and ZSH, you are helping us to continue our amazing conservation work supporting projects working to prevent tigers, and other animal species, from going extinct in the wild. To donate to us, please see our website.


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