The Winning Names are….

Fri 23rd June

On 3rd April, Paradise were really happy to announce the successful births of critically endangered Cotton Top Tamarins

The pregnancy came as a bit of a surprise to our keepers as mum, Spencer, has a contraceptive implant! But like humans, accidents do happen and our keepers are delighted. Cotton Top Tamarins are a critically endangered species and are part of the EEP (European Endangered Species Programme).

The babies have now completed all health checks and are now settled in with the rest of the Cotton Top Tamarin group. Now they have completed their health checks it was now the right time to name the 2 babies. Our head of primates Emma, had put together a shortlist of names native to where they are based in the wild for teh public to vote on thier favourite two. These names consited of Cali, Telembi, Bello, Nino, Kuna & Bora.

It was a very close call with the final 2 names winning by a single vote but we are now very pleased to announce that the names of our beautiful baby tamarins are Cali & Kuna.

Make sure to pop along and see them on your next visit, if you’re lucky, you’ll see them clinging happily onto mum.

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