Top 5 Ways To Fundraise for Paradise Wildlife Park

Thu 12th November

Do you want to do something productive and give back to the community during this lockdown? Why not fundraise safely for Paradise Wildlife Park and the Zoological Society of Hertfordshire? Please see our Animal Support Fund where all donations can be paid to:


It costs roughly £3,000 a day to run Paradise Wildlife Park when closed to the public. Over the first lockdown and during the months of recovery, we have been relying on an emergency resources fund to keep the park afloat and our animals taken care of. Due to the unprecedented nature of the length and impact of the lockdown months, our emergency funds are coming to an end. This means there is a risk to our park and charity’s future, which in turn means our animals’ welfare is put at risk. Our priority is to continue the excellent standard of welfare for our animals. Your donations so far have meant our animals have been looked after to the highest standard and we have not needed to relocate any, keeping families and bonds intact.


We are turning to our amazing supporters yet again, to donate and fundraise however they can so that we continue taking care of our 800+ animals that call Paradise their home. Moreover, it is not just the animals we have on-site we have a duty of care towards. The Zoological Society of Hertfordshire has multiple wildlife charity partners across the world that rely on our financial contributions to carry out their amazing work. Donations will also go towards the upkeep of countless animal lives across the world and ensure the continuation of vital research and conservation work. The discontinuation of the Zoological Society and worldwide charities would have a significant impact on how we can save our planet’s most loved species.


The teams here at Paradise now must ask for your support once again to get us through the winter months and the second lockdown. Although fundraising activities may seem a little restricted, we have put together our top 5 ways for you to fundraise for the Zoological Society of Hertfordshire:


  1. Take on a new sporting challenge! Ask friends and family to sponsor you while you complete a new sporting challenge. This could be a 5K run or cycle.
  2. Bake! Chef up some delicious treats to sell to your household and neighbours. Please make sure to wear gloves and masks during preparation and adhere to the government safety guidelines.
  3. Netflix party – Netflix party is a free google chrome extension so that multiple people can watch the same Netflix programme together but stay remote. Everyone pays in what they would usually pay for a cinema ticket!
  4. Stairway to victory! Utilise your household’s stairs by setting a target of how many steps or floors you want to achieve and get friends and family to sponsor your efforts
  5. Sponsored walk – enjoy one of life’s little luxuries by taking part in a sponsored walk. Perfect chance to socially distance meet a friend and walk for Zoological Society of Hertfordshire


At all times during any fundraising please make sure to keep yourself safe and healthy and do not push yourself past unrealistic limitations. Also, always make sure you are considerate of other people and maintain social distancing and follow the government’s safety guidelines.


Again, we are so appreciative and grateful for our supporters over 2020. We would not be where we are today without you. Please stand by us and our animals again for another challenging few months, we know we can get through it with your help!

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