What to look forward to in 2022!

Sat 1st January

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

As we look back at the incredible year we had at Paradise Wildlife Park from our first ever Summer Evenings in Paradise where our visitors were able to enjoy the summer sunsets with the backdrop of the Zoo surrounded by live entertainment and music to another roarsome Dinos After Dark! The year 2021 also saw some exciting announcements for the year to come!


As we enter 2022 we are excited to announce the upcoming events that will be happening. Our construction work continues on our newest mixed-species habitat: Sun Bear Heights which will feature the new arrivals of Sun Bears and Binturongs. Otter Rocks will also be an extension of this habitat where our Asian Short Claw Otter family will move to. The construction work for Jaguar Jungle continues and will be an incredible new home for our residents Jaguars Kumal and Kedera on their return from their current staycation at The Big Cat Sanctuary. The opening of both these habitats will welcome UK first areas, with the mixed species-environment of Sun Bears, Binturongs and Otters to the up-close opportunities to see underwater and high platform viewing of the Jaguars. 




The year 2022 will also see the exciting release of a new series of One Zoo Three on CBBC and BBC iplayer. Follow brothers Aaron, Tyler and Cam as they explore Paradise Wildlife Park and our sister site The Big Cat Sanctuary, with fun and laughter whilst learning a few things on the way. 


We are also excited to announce that some of our favourite and loved events will be back. The highly anticipated Summer Evenings in Paradise will be back for the second year and we look forward to welcoming you all once again to visit the Park as the sunsets with live entertainment and music. Also, why not stomp around our World of Dinosaurs at our Dinos After Dark autumn event with some roarsome meet and greets!


We thank you for your continuous support and whilst we are in our January closure there is still lots to enjoy. Follow our social pages for new photos and videos, CCTV footage of our animals and even some LIVEs along the way. We look forward to seeing you all throughout 2022. 



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