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Tue 26th November

It is no secret that everyone needs to broaden their awareness when it comes to remaining sustainable. As a zoo, the idea of an unsustainable future pulls at the heart strings especially as the core message is to conserve and maintain wildlife. However, Paradise remains the number one attraction in Hertfordshire. Therefore, it experiences a high responsibility to keep the park and its visitors healthy for the environment. Paradise focuses on reducing the impact the park has on the world and this is done through the smallest steps and big plans too.


Paradise set up the sustainability committee in 2018, made up of dedicated staff members who care passionately about safeguarding the environment. The sustainability committee’s role at the park is to set initiatives and to lead by example. Through the voice of education, the committee will strive to create a further awareness for the environment to the wider teams and visitors alike.


The committee has organised 45 hours volunteer hours collecting litter in various locations in the UK. Collectively, Paradise picked up 573.75kg litter from on site, Southend Beach, Lea Valley Park Broxbourne Woods and Canvey Island. It’s crazy to think that the same weight would amount to the same as some of our zoo animals:

A round of applause is very much due to our hard working team who dedicated their spare hours to help local environments. The beach cleans were actioned to support the National Beach Clean 2019 movement with the team coming back with 8 bags of litter!


Another project the committee need a congrats for is the HEART project. This was also a huge success for raising awareness for sustainability while also furthering relationships within our community. Local schools took part in creating sculptures of animals out of waste materials. 100% of funds raised will be donated to the Queen Elizabeth National Park, to help fund a new anti-poaching and rehabilitation vehicle which will help endangered species such as those portrayed in our sculptures. Over the summer of 2018 these sculptures were displayed across the park and auctioned in order to help raise important funds for conservationist efforts in Asia.


By the end of 2020 the committee hopes to reduce the carbon footprint of the park in general. Strategies such as implementing water fountains to discourage the use of plastic drinking containers on site. Improve the sustainability management of our new build projects by reducing waste and implementing sustainability enhancement to the design procedure. Looking into the future, Paradise would love to continue to be a zero to landfill site; further community relationships to improve safeguarding of the environment and to keep reducing single use plastic.


Overall, Paradise is incredibly proud of their work and their positions as leaders for sustainability. If you would like more information please contact our education team

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