World Animal Enrichment Day

Fri 12th November

Today we come together to celebrate World Animal Enrichment Day. Enrichment plays an important role in the cognitive challenges and social opportunities in the lives of all animals. Enrichment in zoos provides species-appropriate challenges, opportunities and stimulation, that can create a dynamic environment and provide opportunities to mimic behaviours that would be carried out by their wild counterparts.

Enrichment is dependent on the species as well as the individual, as enrichment promotes a range of natural behaviours but must be adapted to ensure it is accessible to the individual to whom the enrichment is being provided.  There are various forms of enrichment through habitat, cognitive, sensory, food and toys, all playing an important part in providing animals with the best quality of care. 

Habitat: through adaption of climbing options, foliage or bedding areas

Cognitive: encouraging foraging skills through placing food in new and unique places or within safe items

Sensory: using prey or predator smells or even novel smells such as spices that mimic environments

Food: placing food in puzzle feeders, scatter feedings or providing prey with feathers or fur still attached for natural behaviours

Toys: bomber balls, hammocks and chew toys

Here at Paradise WIldlife park, our animals are provided with a wide variety of enrichment that aids their natural behaviours. From pinatas to poll feeds, there is a variety of enrichments provided across all the animals in our care. 

Our Zookeeping team here at the Park, run an Amazon wishlist that has a variety of enrichment options for all various animals in our care to enjoy. This wishlist allows visitors and online visitors to purchase items for the enrichment of our animals and directly help individuals have the correct and fun enrichment. 



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