Conservation Cabin

Conservation Cabin at Paradise Wildlife Park

Much like an Aladdin's cave, our Conservation Cabin is full of wonderful goodies you can purchase as a souvenir to remember your big day out. Located adjacent to the Jungle Theatre, opposite the Red Pandas and near the Big Cats - you can use our zoo map if you're struggling to find it!

Gifts & Souvenirs

From adorable miniature versions of some of the animals we have here at Paradise, to animal themed notepads that you can write all about your trip to the zoo in, we sell a wide variety of gifts and souvenirs.

  • Soft toys and animal glove puppets
  • Adult and children’s jewellery
  • Hand-made greetings cards
  • Coasters, postcards and fridge magnets, featuring our beautiful animals
  • Pictures and prints
  • Zoo themed toys and games
  • Dream catchers and wolf collectibles
  • Occasional bric-a-brac and other donated items

Opening Times

Opening times are dependant on the availability of our volunteers, but we are normally open on weekends all year round and on weekdays during school holidays. Looking to gain work experience at the zoo or volunteer for a charity? Apply today to come and give us a helping hand!

With a wide, ever-changing range of goods and prices starting from just 50p, you’ll be sure to find a bargain. All proceeds go to our registered charity, the Zoological Society of Hertfordshire, and not only help us care for the animals here at Paradise but also allow us to make essential donations to other conservation programmes around the world.


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