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African Penguins

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Sometimes known as the 'Jackass Penguin' for it’s loud braying call

This is a medium-sized penguin, and the only penguin species breeding on the African continent. The African penguin has a robust, heavyset body, and is black on the back and white below, with variable black markings on the breast and belly.

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Smart Feathers

They have small muscles at the base of each feather that enable the feathers to be held tightly against the body whilst in water, forming a waterproof layer; alternatively, on land the feathers are held erect, trapping an insulating layer of air around the body. They have evolved to keep out the cold, so generally speaking, the smaller the penguin the hotter the climate it comes from.


Key Facts

Fish, like anchovies and sardines
Life Span:
10 years wild and up to 30 years captivity
Number of Young:
2 eggs
Southern Africa
From Nambia along the western coast to South Africa
Did you know?
The African penguin is also known as the 'jackass penguin' due to it's loud braying call.

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