National Speedway Museum


Although we are known across the country for our vast collection of exotic and magnificent animals, we do like to venture out into other areas too! Here at our Hertfordshire zoo we make sure to cater for people of all ages and tastes, and that means one thing...a national speedway museum!

Whether you have ventured around our park and seen all of our animals, or want to take a quick break from your trip to the zoo, you can add this activity to the list and we can guarantee it’ll be one you will be glad you ticked off. So, let’s talk a little more about our brilliant museum.

Why a speedway museum in a wildlife park?

The answer is simple: Peter Sampson. For those who aren’t yet aware of the meaning behind the name, let us explain. Peter Sampson is the illustrious owner of Paradise Wildlife Park and was an accomplished speedway racer in the 1960s. He rode for teams such as Rayleigh, Hackney, Rye House, Swindon and Newcastle…quite an impressive list!

So when the idea of creating a speedway museum was suggested, Peter swiftly offered it a home at our park.

Our aim with the speedway museum is to create an interest for both speedway supporters and riders and also all of our Paradise Wildlife Park visitors who are yet to have the opportunity to experience the unique noise, smell, speed and sheer excitement of the sport!

So whether you’re a die-hard supporter or are new to the sport, there are hundreds of exhibits and memorabilia to keep you interested and make your day at our zoo as memorable as possible. Visit our museum shop on the way out and take home one of our great souvenirs to remember your trip to the National Speedway Museum.

The museum is open everyday including bank holidays from 10:30am – 4:00pm.

Book your tickets today and don’t miss out!


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