Large Mammals

Zebras, Reindeers, Tapirs, Camels and Deer are all examples of hoofed animals that we are lucky enough to care for here at Paradise Wildlife Park.

Hoofed mammals include some of the largest and most impressive land mammals.

Our zoo is based just outside of North London but home to some of the world’s most amazing hoofed animals.

Hoofed animals are divided into two groups: even-toed hoofed mammals, such as Deer, and odd-toed hoofed animals, like our Tapirs. Most hoofed animals are herbivorous mammals, live in large herds and have horns to combat males of the same species during mating season. The hooves on their feet make these animals fast runners in order to escape predators.

Sun bear
Bactrian Camel
Red Deer
Brazilian Tapir
Plain’s Zebra
European Wolf

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