Red Fox

The red fox is typically active at dusk (crepuscular) or at night (nocturnal), but is often active in the day in more undisturbed areas

A member of the dog family and is often seen in the countryside but urban foxes are on the increase, becoming bolder.

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It is now our most widespread wild canine species in the world. Red foxes can produce 28 different vocalisations.  The male red fox is referred to as a dog, while the female is known as a vixen. The red fox’s tail is known as a brush, and can be used by the fox as a warm cover in cold weather.

Key Facts

Omnivores, rodents, rabbits, fruit.
Life Span:
3 years wild | 12 years captivity
Europe, Asia, North America and introduced into Australia.
Did you know?
A female fox is called a 'vixen'

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