Rainforest & Sloth Experience

Rainforest experience with the sloths

Enjoy the incredibly immersive experience in the Rainforest: home of our sloths, tamarins, armadillos and pygmy marmosets.

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From their cheeky grin to their sleepy behaviour, it’s hard not to love sloths when they’re one of the most relatable animals. Deep down, we all have a bit of sloth in us! Now you have the chance to meet and feed our sloths as well as our tamarins, armadillos and pygmy marmosets at our Hertfordshire zoo. The perfect gift for any close friend or family member with a love for sloths!


What will my Rainforest & Sloth experience include?

  • Meet and greet our sloths, tamarins, armadillos and marmosets as well as getting a chance to hand feed them
  • Available Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Minimum age is 16 years old
  • Participants will receive a certificate and entry to the park for the day

Working boots that extend above the ankle or wellies must be worn due to the armadillos strong claws


Your experience starts with drinks in the Discovery Centre, where you will be introduced to a member of our zoo team who will give you a short health and safety briefing before escorting you to our Rainforest.

During the experience, you will enter the homes of our sloths, tamarins, armdillos and pygmy marmosets and be able to feed the monkeys their favourite food – insects!

Our sloths will be ready for their evening meal and you will be given the opportunity to serve them their main course. If they venture out from their nest box and down to the feeding station you will be able to hand feed them (unfortunately, this cannot be guaranteed as they may be too sleepy and choose not to participate, in which case you can spend more time with Mambo & Diglett the armadillos and our friendly tamarins and marmosets).

Your friendly Keeper will be with you throughout the experience to tell you lots of interesting facts about our rainforest friends. There will be plenty of photo ops so don’t forget your camera!

Mambo is very inquisitive so we advise all participants to wear working boots or wellies that extend above the ankle (if your footwear is considered inappropriate you will not be able to enter the enclosure).

Due to the close taxonomic relationship of humans and non-human primates, our monkeys and other primates are susceptible to many of our illnesses. If you think you may be ill, however minor the symptoms (for example: sneezing, cold-sores, headaches, skin complaints or any stomach complaints) please notify us before coming for your experience. You are likely to be fine to participate in the experience, however the risk to our primate’s health must be assessed and re-booking may be required.

Cat faeces also pose a serious health risk to our primates. Therefore if you have a pet cat, could you please ensure fresh clothing is worn for the experience.

Experience Prices

Each experience includes admission to Paradise, so you can spend the whole day at the park around your experience if you wish.

You can bring guests who pay normal admission prices but cannot participate in the experience.

Available for 1 to 2 participants
From: £99.00

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