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Sat 18th February

Meet Vulpro a short-term conservation partner

In the month of December 2022, a team member from Paradise Wildlife Park visited one of our short-term conservation partners who have recently received a conservation grant from us. Vulpro is an organisation which rescues, rehabilitates and protects the conservation of vultures.

Vultures face multiple man-made threats, including but not limited to poisoning, power line collisions and electrocutions, direct harvesting for cultural beliefs, and ever-decreasing foraging ranges.  Some vulture species are threatened with possible extinction within our lifetime.

Some populations have plummeted by over 90% in the past 30 years. 

What doVulpro do:


VulPro collects injured vultures from all over South Africa, undertaking groundbreaking veterinary treatment and rehabilitation initiatives to give each vulture that comes into our care, a second chance and the best possible hope for survival and release.


VulPro believes in addressing vulture conservation in an all-encompassing manner. As such we combine captive and wild population research; population surveys; threat identification and mitigation as well as education, altogether, in an adaptive management approach for the benefit of having the highest possibilities of success i.e saving Africa’s vultures.


Vulture species continue to plummet to unsustainable levels. VulPro has spearheaded ex-situ conservation breeding of African Vulture species. We consult and train globally, ensuring a collaborative effort to advance breeding strategies and protocols. This allows non-releasable vultures to positively contribute to saving their wild counterparts by producing viable offspring which can and which are released into the wild to re-inforce dwindling populations and in future, to bring vultures back into historical breeding sites where they have become extinct.

Visit Vulpro for more information about what the organisation does to protect and conserve vultures.


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