Happy Birthday Kumal!

Wed 24th March

Today is Kumal’s 8th Birthday! He’s spending his birthday on holiday (lucky boy!) at our sister site The Big Cat Sanctuary. He is on temporary leave from Paradise Wildlife Park with partner Kedera, while we get ready his new habitat Jaguar Jungle.


Kumal is a very playful and affectionate jaguar; often seen grooming and goofing around with partner Kedera. The pair absolutely stole our hearts when Kedera gave birth to the stunning jaguar cub, Keira in 2017. Kumal is a fantastic father to Keira and we hope he is enjoying being near his daughter at The Big Cat Sanctuary. Kumal and Kedera are still part of the International Breeding Programme, which is vital for keeping the jaguar captive population strong. If the worst-case scenario happens where all wild jaguars are lost to extinction, captive jaguars like Kumal will be able to repopulate the wild species.


You can also adopt Kumal on our website, which will help support the survival of the jaguar species. The funds raised from adoptions go directly back into our charity The Zoological Society of Hertfordshire. Our charity is dedicated to animal welfare and conservation so will use your funds to help protect all wildlife species, including the jaguars.


Let’s join together to wish Kumal, the jaguar a very happy 8th birthday!

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