Mother’s Day!

Wed 3rd March

It is now more important than ever to show your appreciation and love for the mums out there, or the mother figure you have to you. Mums are strong, kind, selfless people who will do anything they can to keep their families safe and happy. We can all appreciate those values even more during unprecedented and frightening times.


The animal mums at the park are just as wonderful. Recent pygmy marmoset mum, Bella, gave birth to the adorable Mimo in July 2020 and has been the latest of zoo births at Paradise Wildlife Park. Mimo just weighed 3grams when she was born and has been growing into a healthy pygmy marmoset! Bella has also been faring well and has taken to motherhood exceptionally well. From the smallest to one of the biggest animals at Paradise Wildlife Park, we cannot forget white lion mother Kya, mother to the pride! Kya gave brith to Zuri, our youngest lion back in 2013 and everyone just loves this dynamic pair. Zuri is often seen playing perhaps a little too wildly for Kya, bouncing around when Kya tries to relax! Who can relate to that?


Jaguar Kedera is also a fantastic mother to Keira, who has now been partnered with Neron at The Big Cat Sanctuary as part of the International Breeding Programme. Keira was born at Paradise Wildlife Park in July 2017 and was the cutest baby jaguar you’d ever see! She has now matured and flown the nest to The Big Cat Sanctuary to continue her healthy bloodline. Kedera is also at The Big Cat Sanctuary with Kumal, while we are busy building up their new habitat at the park. This is so important for the conservation of the jaguar species. If we maintain a healthy and diverse captive population within zoos and sanctuaries, we can ensure the future of jaguars. If the worst case scenario happens and wild jaguars become extinct, we can repopulate the species with the jaguars within captivity.


Why not show some extra care for your mother by booking to visit Paradise Wildlife Park? Enjoy a beautiful outdoor zoo and attraction in the coming spring and summer sunshine. Paradise Wildlife Park opens on April 12th, as per the government’s roadmap, so make sure to pre-book. Or why not purchase a new cosy jumper or stylish t-shirt from Paradise Wildlife Park’s online shop? All our bespoke clothing features our amazing animals so make sure to look out for your favourite!


From everyone at Paradise Wildlife Park, we hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day! We are so excited to welcome you all back on April 12th.

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