Our New Hornbill Couple

Tue 17th November

At the end of October, we welcomed our new female Black hornbill from Parc des Oiseaux in France. She joins Darwin as a part of the breeding programme for this species.

We introduced Darwin and ‘Mulu’ last week and it couldn’t have gone better.

Thanks to the addition of cameras in their enclosure we have seen plenty of great interactions with them feeding each other and starting to look inside the nest boxes we have provided for them.

When hornbills breed the female seals herself inside a tree cavity for up to 100 days, leaving only a small gap for the male to bring her food throughout the day, therefore the fact that Darwin is already feeding Mulu all his favourite treats is his way of showing her he will make a great husband and dad!

We will keep you posted on any future developments but hope to be successful at breeding Black hornbills for the first time soon.

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