Remembering Stella

Tue 27th September

Stella, the Eurasian Eagle Owl

It is with great sadness that Paradise Wildlife Park must announce the passing of our much-loved Eurasian Eagle Owl, Stella.

Over the years, Stella had become an icon of the Park and was very much a lady of leisure who liked to do everything in her own time, often very slowly. Our bird team had always worked closely with her every day to ensure she had the best possible life and care. However, her ongoing health issues had begun to affect her quality of life and it was decided that the kindest thing to do was to put Stella to sleep.

Stella arrived at Paradise in 1993 and had lived here for almost 30 years, longer than any other animal onsite today. This is also longer than most of our keepers have been alive! Stella was estimated to be 35 years old but potentially older, as our records do not provide an exact date of birth. Anyone who has worked at Paradise or simply visited, would have met, and loved Stella.

Not only was she our largest bird of prey at Paradise Wildlife Park, but she was big in personality as well. Stella was incredibly gentle considering her size and would never fail to make us chuckle, especially when she would prefer to walk/run instead of fly or just sit and stare at us. She knew she was simply magnificent not doing much at all!

Stella the Eurasian Eagle Owl will be greatly missed by the entire team at Paradise Wildlife Park. She will remain in the hearts of all the team and guests of the Park.

Our Lady of Leisure, Stella.

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