The Lions have been moved into their new home

Tue 21st May


At Paradise Wildlife Park and the Zoological Society of Hertfordshire we are very proud to announce the opening of our newest animal habitat, ‘Lion Pride Lands’. This is the latest project in the exciting future rebuild of Paradise and sees the parks four white lions, Moto (the male, 12 years old) and lionesses Kya (12 years old), Izulu (10 years old) and Zuri (6 years old) move from their old home in the corner of the site, to their large new habitat in the centre of the animal park.

The lion’s new home is three times the size of their old one and features two large outside habitats, a large indoor on-show den and two indoor off-show dens. The habitat has been designed to immerse our visitors and bring them closer to the top predators of Africa. Visitors will be able to walk into the heart of the pride lands and stand inside the large baobab tree that separates and looks out at the two outside area for the lions, a ranger outlook HQ that features an intimate den for the lions for visitors to get close to them and a breath-taking viewing gallery that overlooks the main habitat from above.

Visitors at Paradise Wildlife Park can also get a taste of what a our latest project Drive4Wildlife was like with a unique jeep feature that allows visitors and lions to sit face to face at the Pride lands. However, the real stand out point of the area is the stunning pride rock feature that will no doubt be a photographer’s dream.

This is just the latest development in Paradise’s building of a vibrant conservation and educational wildlife park. We hope this new area will help visitors to experience the lions in a way they never have before and leave them inspired and motivated to help protect not just lions from extinction, but all of Africa’s wildernesses.

Lion Pride Lands will look to open to the public this coming Saturday (25th May).

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