Top 10 Must See Moments from One Zoo Three!

Fri 5th August

Check Out Our Top 10 Favourites!

Have you joined Aaron, Tyler and Cam on some wild adventures over the last couple of weeks?

With all thirteen episodes aired on CBBC and available now on BBC iPlayer we wanted to share our Top Ten favourite moments from the series with you!

So get ready as we go through our Top Ten One Zoo Three Moments:

  • 1.Cam’s impression of a Bombora the laughing kookaburra

Did you catch Cam trying to recreate Bombora’s noise in The Zoosical as Cam joins Keeper Tom in a health check with Bombora which sees him in with a shout for lead vocals!  

  • 2. Tyler’s Who’s Poo Test

Did you learn something with brother Tyler as he investigated the various residents of the Zoos poo? Tyler puts his super sensitive sniff to the test as he tries to guess Whose Poo? In Episode 2!

  • 3. Rica the Armadillo inspires a new mode of transport!

We meet Rica the Armadillo as she comes out of her shell to show off her super-sensitive sniff as Aaron, Tyler and Cam hold a superhero-themed party inspired by the secret superpowers of some of the zoo’s most incredible animals! From this Rica inspires a very new style mode of transport for the boys to use around the Zoo!

  • 4. We get an inside look into The Big Cat Sanctuary based down in Kent!

On episode 5 – Cat Moves we see the team down at the Sanctuary prepare for a very special new arrival as well as, Aaron meeting Shen the snow leopard cub. We get to watch the adorable Shen receive his health check with the help of Aaron and learn some fun facts along the way.

  • 5. We get to venture into the UK’s largest Green Anaconda on display habitat!

We see the brothers work together as a Dream Team as they venture into Optimus Prime habitat to help catch some very speedy small friends who co-exist with Optimus Prime! With Collar Tree Monitor Lizard needing to be moved off show whilst Optimus’ habitat has a nice makeover its up to the boys and Head of Section Jenny to locate them all!

  • 6. Aaron, Tyler and Cam take us to Uganda to see tree climbing lions!

Conservation is key to the work we do here at Hertfordshire’s number one zoo Paradise Wildlife Park. In episode 9 we get to see first hand the work that is supported through money raised when you visit us here at the Park, take part in an animal experience or adopt one of our animals.

  • 7. Take a trip to memory lane and learn about Bobby the Lion!

Zoo Legends lets us learn from Peter Sampson the founder of Paradise Wildlife Park and The Big Cat Sanctuary as well as the brothers grandad. Peter gives us an insight into the beginning of the Zoo and how one lion changed the fate of the family and animal conservation forever!

Tyler and Cam welcome in some new additions to the World of Dinosaurs and we even get to learn along the way some pretty incredible species alive today descended from the pre-historic dinosaurs that once roamed the Earth.

  • 9. Ask Aaron teaches us some fun animal facts!

Cam and Tyler test out brother Aarons knowledge about the animal kingdom! Can you play along and see how many you can get right in Alpha Animals?

  • 10. Tiger Time welcomes an exciting new addition to The Big Cat Sanctuary!

Kirana the Sumatran Tiger who has previously lived at Chester Zoo for 15 years, joins the family at The Big Cat Sanctuary for retirement and Aaron is there to welcome her to her new home.

Catch up on all of series two now on BBC iPlayer and even visit the One Zoo Three CBBC webpage for some fun learning! Pop down to Paradise Wildlife Park and maybe even catch Aaron, Tyler and Cam helping out across the Zoo!


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