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Fri 14th May

As we see the next stage of restrictions being lifted on the 17th of May, we are so excited to reopen all our indoor habitats! Our Temple of Angkor, Amazon & Beyond, and our Rainforest habitats will be available to visit from 17th May once again! Paradise Wildlife Park is home to over 800 animals, which includes the amazing species found in our indoor habitats. From the tiny pygmy marmoset to the awesome green anaconda, our animals hold such unique characters for you to enjoy. make sure to book your tickets to not miss out! During weekdays (Monday – Friday) you can get a discount on tickets with RAIN10. All you need to do is add the discount code when you checkout your tickets.


Meet some new slithery friends at our main reptile collection and the Temple of Angkor.  It is also home to two spectacular Reticulated Pythons, Rizla and Tomchi, in a recently refurbished habitat. Reticulated pythons are one of the largest snake species, with records showing lengths of 20 metres. Despite their fearsome appearance, their wild populations in urban settings remain high in Southern Asia. However, the species is constantly under threat for their skin and to be used in traditional medicines. Rizla and Tomchi are often seen laying under their heat lamps or even going for swims in their new pool!


If you would like a snake with a bit more weight, our Green Anaconda, Optimus Prime, will be right up your alley. Optimus is the largest Green Anaconda on display in the UK, weighing in at 93kg and 17ft in length! She is often spotted relaxing in her large pool under the heat lamps. We find that you can’t fully appreciate Optimus’ true size until you see her underwater. Crouch down below the water surface and view her almighty body, made up of pure muscle. She is so impressive, that in 2014, Sir David Attenborough visited Paradise to meet Optimus.


Finally, step into the warming climates of the Rainforest habitats and see our extensive collection of primate species, as well as our much bellowed Two-Toed Sloth couple: Mr Jingles and Dame Jingles.  These bundles of sleepy fluff can be found in their on-show box and Dr Mambo the Armadillo racing around them. Make sure you check out this adorable scene in our Rainforest habitat from 17th May.


Paradise Wildlife Park is excited to provide the now full zoo experience to our visitors. Thank-you for your patience during this challenging time for everyone. We hope you enjoy seeing our indoor habitats, as well as the rest of our wonderful zoo.

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